Problem: The MJ Freeway hack on January 8th served as an unfortunate reminder of how dependent the cannabis industry is on the digital realm. With the industry leading seed-to-sale tracking software down, over 1,000 dispensaries and retailers across the country were left without a way to keep regulatory records. Some operations chose to execute sales manually, while others were forced to close their doors in order to remain compliant. Since the hack, many businesses have fallen out of compliance. Take this opportunity to learn how to reconcile your METRC quickly and efficiently. HYC METRC consultants have discovered and rectified over 25,000 discrepancies. We have consolidated the process into 3 easy steps, allowing your store, grow, or lab feel relieved and empowered.

METRC is a daunting task — management only has so much time in a day! HYC will train your staff, making METRC reconciliation manageable. Identify. Reconcile. Report.

Identify – create physical inventory > pull digital inventory > compare with state seed-to-sale system > find variances (i.e. packages that don’t exist or packages entered wrong in the POS system). Often times, the variances found are reporting incorrectly on a daily basis.

Reconcile – use comparative analysis of discrepancies between physical and digital inventory > make necessary adjustments < complete incorrect packages and variances.

Report – compile and record all discrepancies and changes to complete your METRC report. METRC reports are necessary for the MED. These reports are also a great way to review and train staff to submit correctly. We strongly recommend them!

For more information on how to reach peace of mind through accuracy, consistency, and transparency, Contact Higher Yields Consulting to learn more about our Reconciliation, Compliance, Certification and Training programs.

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