METRC consultingMETRC consulting includes many different services as there are many different sides to METRC. Higher Yields Consulting works with customers to deliver a custom approach when it comes down to consulting about the system. When it comes to METRC consulting, Higher Yields Consulting can help your dispensary or grow facility with:

METRC Training Higher Yields Consulting can help with initiail training or ongoing training to develop disciplined habits for METRC reconciliation.
METRC Analysis We can assist you with your current METRC operations to ensure smooth SOP throughout your organization. Our analysis will give a strengths and weakness report so that our approach can be customized to your organization's real needs with priority.
METRC Auditing Maintaining reconciliation every day is key to saving time and money. Higher Yields Consulting can help you permanently remove issues with METRC. Our audit systems is preventative maintenance that gives you peace of mind

We know and understand exactly how critical that METRC is to your business. Whether you are a new cannabis business or a seasoned shop, Higher Yields Consudlting can assist your business in avoiding many of the mistakes that have caused unwanted visits from the MED for non-compliance.

We can help you connect and make certain that your point of sale is set up correctly and that your nightly uploads are being completed correctly as well as making certain that your inventory is reconciled properly. All of these things are absolutely critical in remaining compliant and operating under regulations.

METRC Integration for Cannabis Business
There are many pitfalls and problems that can be avoided with continuous focus and training on the system. In general, many point of sale systems can have issues connecting with METRC and this can cause the entire thing to be off without ever knowing that this is the case. That is exactly when it is too late to approach the issue. Having to go back and fix an issue with METRC that is months old is way too costly and risky as a dispensary your livelihood is always on the line by not being compliant.

Higher Yields Consulting has spent a great deal of time in the field learning METRC and working with customers on how to best use the system. This experience has given our other customers that have to deal with the system a much shorter learning curve and removes the need to go back and fix past problems in an effort to reconcile the system today.

We can help you train your entire staff as well as put together a custom training package that will help you integrate the METRC system into your business so that you have a proactive approach towards maintaining a compliant position with the MED when it comes to your business’ inventory and sales.

Our system and METRC consulting services will help you:

  • System set up
  • Training
  • Law education
  • Make sure inventory matches METRC
  • Make certain packages are closed and reconciled properly
  • On going system for maintaining reconciliation

Like any other form of compliance in any industry, it is simpler to tackle this requirement with a disciplined approach that will leave little to no room for non-compliance issues with your local regulators. There have been many issues with users and the software as discussed in this article about issues MJ Freeway and various states had with METRC, we can help you understand these issues and adopt systems and habits to help your dispensary remain compliant from day one. Colorado has a history of success with the system unlike many other states that have adopted the same system.

Higher Yields Consulting can help you operate and report with proper habits and standard operating processes that will take the guesswork out of METRC reconciliation. Contact us today for more information.

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