METRC compliance is one of the most important aspects of your cannabis business. A wise man once said, “If you are going to play the game, you must first know the rules.” Similar to compliance, knowing the rules is the first thing we should do and often the last thing we want to do! Some businesses are so far out of regulation with Compliance that one random inspection by MED (Marijuana Enforcement Division) could spell disaster for the owner’s investment and could even result in a pulled license.

Tracking products and understanding how to properly use METRC (and, worse, keeping on top of the updates!) or your state required seed to sale system can be a daunting task. But failing to do so can result in catastrophe.

So let’s figure it out before it’s too late. Calling in professionals at the last minute is always an option, but know that emergency situations bill at emergency rates. Marijuana Consultants can get pricey when called into these situations. Even a little preventive maintenance up front can help avoid common (or disastrous!) pitfalls down the line. A good Marijuana Compliance Consultant will be up-to-date on current issues as well as current ones. Bringing in someone who knows the rules can save your business money, time, and serious heartache. That’s not to mention how the heavily regulated compliance here in Colorado helps protect us from the Federal Government. So get with it, for all our sake, and keep the Feds out of Colorado!

The newness of the marijuana industry makes it hard to identify issues when rules are so subjective. Knowing someone familiar with the details, with a vision of the road ahead, is invaluable to a business when MED stops by for a METRC or seed-to-sale Audit.

Whether compliance worries have you lying awake at night you or MED is knocking on your door, contact the professionals at Higher Yields Consulting for your compliance training and officer placement needs Marijuana Jobs. We can get you back on your feet and on the road to peaceful sleep.

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