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The proper Marijuana Startup Services will prepare your business to withstand the legal cannabis industry’s complex challenges. We equip owners and operators with the cornerstones of success, putting you on a path to optimal performance. Higher Yields Consulting has years of experience helping marijuana startup businesses navigate the ins and outs of the medical and recreational industry ensuring your success.

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Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs are fundamental to a compliant cannabis culture. Quickly changing regulatory requirements create industry-wide obstacles to success. SOPs establish base protocols for marijuana businesses using best practice and efficient processes. Our templates provide a healthy foundation for operators in a simple and customizable format. Written by our team of industry experts, our SOPs are user-friendly and comprehensive; creating well-defined processes and step-by-step instruction personalized to meet your state regulations and facility requirements. SOPs are the bedrock of organizational success, ensuring consistency and optimal results.

Higher Yields SOPs are available for Cultivation, Manufacturing, and Dispensary facilities.


Cannabis industry rules evolve and change quickly as regulators respond to new issues and challenges. Failure to stay current can result in fines, holds, suspensions, or closures. Protect your license with our customizable compliance plans! Our compliance services are individualized and designed to help clients navigate industry guidelines with greater ease and confidence. Our on-site consultants will complete a comprehensive operational audit to determine your facilities initial level of compliance. We will identify potential violations and provide corrective action, relevant to your facilities state and local regulations. Our cannabis compliance program ensures owners and operators are properly trained in industry best practices. Our regulatory specialists offer actionable and cost-effective compliance solutions for your operation.


METRC reconciliation services help businesses reach peace of mind by establishing accuracy, consistency, and transparency in the heavily regulated and quickly evolving cannabis market. A thorough understanding of the seed-to-sale software is vital to a compliant operation. Our METRC consultants help discover and rectify discrepancies. We train your employees on proven methods to lessen inconsistencies, empowering staff to handle future errors with ease and confidence.


Our industry experts have provided application services to clients domestically and internationally, working within a variety of regulatory frameworks. The constant evolution of industry regulations creates a complex cannabis licensing process. Stakes are high in new markets, mitigate your risk with our team of cutting-edge cannabis consultants. Our application templates provide a strong structure for state applications in a customizable format. Award-winning core operating materials and SOPs, create a more efficient process for completing applications, saving our clients time and money. We help you secure your license through a consistent and compelling narrative, equipping you with the first step to success.


Cannabis business tax structures are complicated and constantly evolving. In order to increase your bottom line and lessen the burden, startups need a clear understanding and strategy to tackle the complex 280E tax structure. Our consultants will remove the confusion and help your business save annually by reducing taxable income through proper allocation of the cost of goods.

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