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Retail, extraction, and garden design determines the workflow of daily operations, and has the potential to optimize cultivation facility production and trim operation costs. Our team of design engineers, architects, and general contractors specialize in land development and customizing your facility from ground up. HYC will provide essential expert guidance and delivery services for design, permitting, construction, garden management, and training.


Marijuana Garden Design

The garden is the foundation of any successful cannabis business. Garden design determines the workflow of daily operations and has the potential to optimize facility production and lower operating costs. Producing consistent, quality product takes time and experience. We will customize your facility from the ground up. Our design team of engineers, contractors, and master growers, blend their unique expertise to design and build the most efficient and highest yielding grow spaces. Our contractors have designed, constructed and/or managed nearly 1 million square feet of state of the art facilities. Our cultivation experts collaborate with building architects to ensure optimal harvest and compliance when designing your facility.

Marijuana Garden Construction

Our industry-specific contractors have built cultivation and retail spaces in both existing and new buildings. We provide experienced Project Managers to oversee your entire construction team and expedite completion. Our architects, engineers, and general contractors will ensure your facility is functional, built to state coding requirements, and on the cutting edge of cannabis construction.

Management Training

Our garden management and training services alleviate your learning curve at an affordable rate, cutting overhead and increasing profits. Our training methods and materials create highly effective and profitable teams. Facilities benefit from working with cultivation trainers from the start – learning industry best practices and most efficient processes from the experts. With our services, you will be operating at maximum efficiency on day one!

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