Marijuana Myths Part 1

There are many myths about marijuana, propaganda, bunk, urban legends, and Nancy Reagan-isms. Higher Yields is going to be covering them in a series of articles, 5 at a time. These myths will be from the “bad guys”, the anti-marijuana activists, politicians, and public service announcements that feature frying eggs. The types that are simply miserable freedom haters with no lives*. We also want to cover the myths that come from the “good guys”, stoners, potheads, “midnight tokers**”, and what have you. So for now enjoy the first 5 myths, and relax there will not be any drug tests and you're not going to go sterile if you smoke a seed. It's all good, just don't drink the bong water, it's gross and weird.

*Worry about your own problems, you're ruining everyone's high already….sheesh.

**Speaking of ruining your high, no Steve Miller either, please. 😉

Myth 1: Marijuana Kills Brain Cells

We’ve all heard this myth which is complete and utter propaganda created by the same folks who lock up American citizens, and really bad “science”. After many years of actual scientific studies, it has been determined that marijuana does not kill brain cells. The stereotype that marijuana smokers are making themselves stupid is a common one, but patently false. In fact some of the greatest minds have smoked marijuana, including folks like Carl Sagan.


WebMD article with links link with support

Myth 2: The Founding Fathers of the United States Grew Marijuana

The Founders of the United States, including George Washington did not grow Marijuana. They grew Hemp which is not the same. In fact there are many differences. It was also not a very lucrative endeavor. Too many movies, I think we can thank “Dazed and Confused” for this one.


George Washington grew hemp

Differences between hemp and marijuana

Myth 3: Marijuana is a Gateway Drug

Marijuana is not a Gateway Drug, there is absolutely no evidence that it is in any way shape or form. In fact the Gateway Drug Theory is a logical fallacy. For example, most burglars drive cars, therefore driving a car leads to burglary. Almost everyone who does cocaine drinks coffee, ergo coffee leads to cocaine. Sorry grandma, but that coffee is only going to lead to a coaine problem. Logical fallacies are a common pitfall and beyond the understanding of many low information anti-drug activists. Heck, it’s also why our politicians and the media do a “great job” convincing folks they have their best interests in mind, but that is for another blog.


Marijuana is a Gateway Drug – Time Magazine

Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base

Myth 4: You can get high from eating raw weed

This is one I hear all the time, and quite frankly no longer waste my energy arguing over. Raw marijuana, and by raw we mean not heated. For example eating marijuana straight from your baggie or container will get you high. No, not how this works. Marijuana actually has to be heated and combined with a fatty substance to get anyone high. That’s a fact.

“The primary psychoactive components of cannabis are fat-soluble, meaning the molecules that produce highness bind onto any sort of lipid, including whole milk, butter, cream or coconut, olive, or vegetable oil. In these “phatty” forms, THC and other cannabinoids can most easily absorb into the bloodstream, thus providing you with the strongest possible psychoactive effect from your stash. It also means you should never, ever, simply add your precious cannabis directly into some brownie mix and call it a day. Without binding the THC to a fat molecule in a compound like cannabutter, most of the effect will be lost, leading to wasted time, wasted herb and bunk brownies.”


Cannabis Kitchen – High Times

Myth 5: Myth: Weed stays in your system for 30 days

OK, this one is a very common one. We all have the friend who thinks they will be clean in 30 days after smoking daily for 20 years. We also have the friend that smokes once and thinks they will fail a drug test in 30 days. If you smoke every day, you will not be clean in 30 days. If you smoked once you will not fail a drug test in 30 days. Factors that play into how long it takes to get clean include weight/amount of fat in your body and how often you smoke. Other factors include half-life and the level of THC in what you are ingesting. Remember marijuana is fat soluble, meaning it stores in your fat cells. It basically goes down like this: a one-time user should be clean in days. Someone who smokes weekly might take a couple of weeks. For a daily toker, it could be up to a month or more, depending on the level of fat in their body, and individual factors like metabolism, and how strong the THC is in what they are ingesting.

The author of this, meaning me, is a small guy. Extremely skinny with a high metabolism. I smoked for almost 20 years straight at one point, daily. At 66 days I was still “peeing hot”. Not that anyone cares, but maybe you do, who knows. There are many factors that play into how long marijuana stays in a person’s system. We’re all different, individuals as they say.


How Long Does THC Stay In Your System?

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