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Stop into the Herban Underground and receive a free Locol Love t-shirt or hat with the purchase of any Locol Love strain Locol Love, all connoisseur strains. New strains include NYC Diesel, Lucinda Williams, Tahoe Alien, and the much anticipated Red Headed Stranger.

Herban Underground is a Medical and Recreational dispensary that has windows to our Show Grow conveniently located in the heart of the Historic Baker District in Denver. The store and grow are discreetly positioned in the heart of Denver in the Fleming Bros. Building located at 70 Broadway St #50, Denver, CO 80203. Stop in for some of the best strains in all of Denver, or give us a call at (720) 343-4372 for more information.

Locol Love is a locally owned wholesale cultivation company that has the mission to inform, educate and help heal the world through “kind” love. Growing some of the best and most known strains in Denver. Strains such as 9LB. Hammer, Bear Dance, Pipe Dream, and the famous Bio-Diesel. For more information give us a call at (303) 800-2620.

4 New Strains

Red Headed Stranger

Red Headed Stranger is an energizing sativa strain named in homage to the 1975 album by Willie Nelson. A cross between Tom Hill’s Haze and William’s Wonder, Red Headed Stranger offers a jolt of cerebral vigor that fuels creativity and focus. True to its Haze heritage, Red Headed Stranger takes on a sharp spicy aroma with subtle herbal notes.


  • "One of the most enjoyable sativa highs I can ever remember having. Very relaxing but also puts you "in the zone" as far as your mental state. Highly recommended!"

  • “Such a great high. Makes you feel really happy and relaxed. Would definitely recommend”

    Cupcake Girl
  • “I'm not usually a fan of sativas, as I am prone to anxiety, but I got this as a free sample from work and tried it out last night. All I can say is I am giggly and feeling very hazy. It's definitely high energy, but relaxing at the same time. I wish I had more than just a gram! Highly recommended!”


New York City Diesel

NYC Diesel is a 60% sativa-dominant cross between a Sour Diesel clone and an Afghani/Hawaiian male. This sativa-leaning strain provides strong cerebral effects that ease into a deep, full-body relaxation over time. A pungent lime and grapefruit aroma is the mark of a high-quality batch, like those that won this strain five Cannabis Cup trophies in the early 2000s. NYC Diesel’s happy, talkative qualities make this hybrid a good choice for social activities and many anxiety-prone consumers praise it for its paranoia-free effects.

Tahoe Alien

Tahoe Alien is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid that will carry you straight into the cosmos. Bred by combining Tahoe OG Kush with Alien Kush, this phenotype inherits a subtle earthy aroma with notes of lemon and pine. Where this celestial strain really shines, however, is in its potency; prepare yourself for a full-body abduction that leaves behind stress, pain, insomnia, and nausea. While Tahoe Alien buds mature as early as 56 days, a 9-week flowering time is recommended for additional density and a more sedative effect.

Lucinda Williams

Named for Lucinda Williams this strain is all the rave. Be sure to order some for your retail store today, you won't be sorry.

Don't miss out on this special, supplies are limited.

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