Growth Beyond the Greenhouse: The Human Investment Series #2 of 5 Hidden Benefits of Recruiting Skilled Management in the MJ Industry

Marijuana Business DevelopmentTWO Skilled management helps share the load.

Hire for skill, hire for trust. Responsible and capable people are an incredible asset to small business growth. Any new role requires direction and initial guiding, but when you invest in self-starters with experience, the isn’t a need for extensive oversight. Managers should instantly take a load off your plate, not add to the many aspects of your business you are already balancing.

lucinda williamsMJ business owners and store managers are taxed with all of the typical day-to-day challenges of running a small start-up business… with the added industry hurdles of becoming proficient in real estate, MJ law, marketing/branding, garden efficiency, compliance, distribution, and more. Any experienced manager, likely wears many, many hats of their own. So delegating without micro-managing builds trust – saving your business time, increasing owner/operator efficiency, and providing higher return on investments.


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