Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Growing marijuana outdoors can be a great option for a manufacturer of infused products, or a retail location looking to put some diversification of products on their shelves. Outdoor marijuana grows allow for a larger profit margin, increased yields and lowered energy costs. Higher Yields Consulting can help you produce a successful crop with great results and less overhead.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors – Increase Your Harvest

Though you only get one harvest a year, it's always a hearty one. This harvest can help add an extra revenue stream as well as some price variation on your products. Outdoor marijuana growing is a great option for infused product companies, and stores looking to develop a harvest specific to creating edibles and extracts.

Given the small set up cost and the amazing yields of growing marijuana outside, if the opportunity exists it is a great one to help set off your business. Per pound and foot growing outside is the easiest, cheapest, and best way to produce massive amounts of product.

Depending on the size of the plants, the layout of the land and the timing, our consultants can yield between 1 to 8 pounds per plant. Dropping your production cost to pennies per gram. Let us show you the way.

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