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2018 is set to be a big year for the Cannabis Industry in the United States. With more states preparing to legalize the medical or recreational use of marijuana, companies will need a sound social media strategy in order to differentiate their products and stand out from the crowd.

For those of us who are familiar with marketing cannabis on social media, you already know that advertising is out of the picture (for now). However, don’t let this deter you from taking advantage of social media for its amazing ability to reach customers and make your cannabis brand shine.

First of all, understand that social media platforms are a marketplace of ideas where businesses that create the most attention around their products and services will win.

The best approach to this is to view your social media initiatives from the perspective of being a media company.

You have a vision and a mission around your products, a company culture and a lifestyle associated with them, and a product that is guaranteed to provide an uplifting experience for your customers.

These are all huge advantages and are the building blocks for creating an amazing online experience for your fans.

So, how do you highlight your company culture? It’s actually pretty simple:

Take what you’re already doing as a company and translate those practices into engaging content. Give your followers an inside-view of your grow operations. Take them on a tour of your dispensary. Catch a little audio of your trim-team as they work diligently to groom the finest-looking buds. Record your head-grower as he dishes out expert-advice on why your plants are the dankest in the industry.

There are unlimited options here, but the real difference maker is being transparent with your operations and allowing your fans a behind-the-scenes look at who you are as a company and why you’re in the business. By getting personal, being real, and sharing with your followers the best of your business, you will succeed.

When you show up authentic and consistent, you’ll grow your fan base, drive more awareness around your brand, and have an incredible ROI.

And finally, remember to be patient and play the long game, because you’re invested in this business for the long-haul, after all.

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