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Looking to get into the cannabis space? You aren’t the only one. Right now, the cannabis industry is expanding rapidly, as more and more states are creating laws that allow businesses to legally produce and sell cannabis products. Do you need help with a cannabis license application or preexisting license support? Good news, Higher Yields' application writers, and consultants can help your business obtain a license. Our team of marijuana experts has been awarded licenses in merit-based states as well as non merit-based states, in both the adult use and medical markets. If you are interested in obtaining a cannabis license or need support for a current license Higher Yields can help.

businesses who use professional cannabis application writers have a greater chance of being awarded a license than businesses that go it alone

Cannabis Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution and Dispensary Licenses

Cannabis laws differ from state to state, and each state’s licensing process for cannabis businesses is different. There may also be differences within states application processes depending on the type of cannabis business and whether you are applying for a recreational or medical license. Understanding and delivering on the specific requirements for cannabis licensing in your state is crucial for success when applying.

In these cannabis boom times, the opportunities for growth are abundant, but only to those who can make it through the rigorous application process and become a licensed business. This is easier said than done.

Still, with careful planning and the right guidance, success is possible. Read on to learn about the common requirements in the licensing and permitting process.

Cannabis License Types



Dispensary/Retail Facility


Common Requirements for Cannabis Licensing

While cannabis licensing varies considerably by state, there are still some common factors that are looked at by most licensing agencies. Making sure that you have these requirements covered is the first step to creating a successful application.

Here are few of the more common requirements:

1. Business Plan

One of the most common requirements for cannabis licensing is a well-built business plan. After all, there is little point in approving an application for a cannabis business if it looks likely to fail. Regulators want to see that you’ve made a plan for how your business will operate and grow, and to ensure that your plan lines up with all the relevant regulations. So craft your business plan carefully, and make sure it stays within the regulations for cannabis businesses in your area.

2. SOPs

You will also need to be transparent about your standard operating procedures. SOP’s make up the day-to-day activity of your business, and its important to detail how you will handle all the procedures in a way that fits the cannabis regulations, and follows applicable workplace codes and regulations in your area.

3. Strong Financials

Another big requirement is strong financials. It takes a fair bit of funding to get a fully licensed cannabis business up and running. From application fees, to property purchases and build-outs, to marketing and employee salaries, the costs can really add up before you ever hit opening day. Licensing agencies want to see that you have the funding to push through to the point of profitability. Showing that you have a legal source of funding that is sufficient to get your business started is one of the most important factors for getting your application approved.

4. Real Estate

Real Estate is another big factor. Before you can get your license approved, you will likely need to have a property secured that meets the requirements for your license type. Many areas have zoning restrictions for cannabis businesses, so it’s important to make sure your property is in the right zone for your business type. There may also be relevant regulations about the buildings on your property. Any structures on the property should be up to code for the commercial activity involved in your business.

5. Background Checks

A final consideration is background checks. Most states have some type of background check to ensure that any relevant partners in the business don’t have a criminal record. Regulatory agencies don’t want legal cannabis to be funding criminal activity, so make sure there won’t be red flags raised for any of your partners before you apply.

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Higher Yields Can Help With Your Cannabis License Applications

Do you need some extra assistance with your cannabis licensing application?

Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting can help. Our knowledgeable staff has helped cannabis businesses achieve licensing success in over 13 states, and can help your business navigate the complexities of cannabis business licensing.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you.

About our Process and Cannabis Licensing Accomplishments

  • Our writers have worked on over 100 cannabis license applications.
  • HYC license application writers have worked on cannabis startup services, regulation and legislation all over the country, and even internationally. We've worked in approximately 30 US states/territories, and have won licenses in 13 Merit-Based States. Internationally we've worked in 6 countries excluding the USA. Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, Uruguay, Australia, and Colombia to be exact.
  • Diversity – Our staff of writers are also in the industry with varied backgrounds. We're marketers, creative designers, salespeople, security experts, architects, real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, compliance officers, etc. This ensures an expert for each section of an application.
  • Trust and Communication – We choose our battles wisely. Never forcing a client or being forced by a client to set either side up for failure. If for example, you're not ready, we'll tell you. If we're not a good fit, we'll tell you. If the timeline is too short, we'll tell you.
  • We have an in-house design and layout team to make your application visually appealing. Remember, every bit of influence counts. Not only do you have to present an effective plan you have to look the part. Look professional!
  • Personal Attention – HYC provides custom-written applications for each client. We also work on specific sections if you are a client who just needs part of an application prepared.
  • HYC always uses best practices for the regulated cannabis industry.
  • The creation of custom-tailored standard operating procedures (SOPs) specific to local compliance.
  • HYC has a staff from all over the country helping your business establish local support and networking relationships.
  • Plus, we're pretty cool to work with, at least we think so.
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