Cannabis License Applications

Do you need help with a cannabis license application or preexisting license support? Good news, Higher Yields’ application writers, and consultants can help your business obtain a license. The cannabis industry is in its infancy, it may appear quite simple to the novice, but it is very nuanced and complex and quite unstable in new markets. For starters, the regulations and laws surrounding it will be changing quite frequently as state programs react and adjust. Many new clients will opt out of using experts on licensing altogether not realizing how important it is to use cannabis consulting experts. Invest your money wisely, these are rare opportunities. Many clients will only get one shot to be awarded a license, you need an experienced team like Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting to succeed.

businesses who use professional application writers have a greater chance of being awarded a license than businesses that go it alone

Cannabis Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution and Dispensary Licenses

Before you even apply for a license you need to decide what type of license you want to apply for. Only then can your business begin the process of being awarded a cannabis license by your state. Higher Yields’ consultants are a must if you are serious about your investment and serious about doing well in the cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and or the dispensary markets. HYC has what it takes to get your cannabis related business a license and a solid foundation to develop your marijuana-related business.

Cannabis License Types



Dispensary/Retail Facility


Cannabis Business Licensing Varies By State

Complicating the process further is the fact that each state has their own process and regulations for cannabis licenses and the application process. Many states, for instance, will only award a small number of licenses in the initial round. Eventually, states will allow more to enter into the market in subsequent rounds. The many Merit-Based States will actually wait to expand until the cannabis program can be effectively evaluated, this can take years to stabilize. During this maturation process of the program, there is a very high chance that regulations and laws will change more than once. You want to work with someone who is experienced in such a young and competitive business. Higher Yield’s experienced team has the foresight to help your business navigate the young cannabis industry and all its peaks and valleys.

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Why Choose HYC to Prepare Your Cannabis License Application

Whether you seek a cultivation, processing, or dispensary license please keep in mind licenses are often very limited in number. With each passing day market competition is increasing by leaps and bounds as well. In short, obtaining licenses is becoming more difficult both in complexity and the stakes are very high. The cannabis businesses who use professional application writers have a far greater chance of being awarded a license than businesses that go it alone. Above all protect your investment by choosing an experienced and highly competitive company to assist you. We hope you choose Higher Yields, we love to win.

About our Process and Team Accomplishments

  • Our writers have worked on over 100 cannabis license applications.
  • HYC license application writers have worked on cannabis startup services, regulation and legislation all over the country, and even internationally. We’ve worked in approximately 30 US states/territories, and have won licenses in 13 Merit-Based States. Internationally we’ve worked in 6 countries excluding the USA. Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, Uruguay, Australia, and Colombia to be exact.
  • Diversity – Our staff of writers are also in the industry with varied backgrounds. We’re marketers, creative designers, salespeople, security experts, architects, real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, compliance officers, etc. This ensures an expert for each section of an application.
  • Trust and Communication – We choose our battles wisely. Never forcing a client or being forced by a client to set either side up for failure. If for example, you’re not ready, we’ll tell you. If we’re not a good fit, we’ll tell you. If the timeline is too short, we’ll tell you.
  • We have an in-house design and layout team to make your application visually appealing. Remember, every bit of influence counts. Not only do you have to present an effective plan you have to look the part. Look professional!
  • Personal Attention – HYC provides custom-written applications for each client. We also work on specific sections if you are a client who just needs part of an application prepared.
  • HYC always uses best practices for the regulated cannabis industry.
  • The creation of custom-tailored standard operating procedures (SOPs) specific to local compliance.
  • HYC has a staff from all over the country helping your business establish local support and networking relationships.
  • Plus, we’re pretty cool to work with, at least we think so.
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