Help your business understand where money is best spent by utilizing cannabis data analytics applications. Increase daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly profits through production optimization, extraction data collection, and retail data analysis. These programs will help your operation identify major weaknesses and develop them into strengths. HYC will collect, manage, and analyze important data at optimal speed. Higher Yields Consulting will help you ask the right questions.

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Stay Ahead of the Competition

Market Data. In Real Time

Quickly gathering information about competition is critical to success. Discover your competitors brand and product margins, retail pricing, and market penetration.

Make data-driven decisions, based on actionable data, published in real-time. Our market intelligence information is based on a broad usage of retail and dispensary integrations, looking at transactions in aggregate to identify market trends. Dive into specific product manufacturer brands to find out where the majority of their revenues are generated, what's working, and what's not. No more surprise competitors spotted on the shelf – get updates on new products and brand introductions immediately.

This industry moves fast, you need the tools to stay ahead.

Client Testimonials

  • “Our Consultant, Steve, was the only one who could figure out our product costs. He then showed us how to shrink them”

    Todd Garston Director of Production - Dixie Brands
  • “The retail and production metrics gave us tremendous insight into our business, allowing us to make enhancements in real-time.“

    Brad Spiedel Chief Operating Officer - The Green Solution


Identifying new opportunities has never been easier. Discover gaps in the marketplace from trending segments to price points underserved. Where your competitors aren’t, you can be first, capturing and dominating the market.

Explore pricing, category, segment, and brand trends to find the next big opportunity so you can create the next big product to drive your continued success in the market. HYC can help your business understand what consumers are buying, but most importantly WHY they are buying certain products allowing your business to excel.


As a product manufacturer, get key insights about your rank within the overall market, and how you perform at individual retailers and dispensaries. Our market data illustrates how you stack up next to the competition and is invaluable for brand positioning when approaching new or existing clients.

Our live inventory data can help you maintain your client retail and dispensary accounts, and understand how well you perform at individual stores via stock levels, average sales, and retail price.


Cannabis companies can use serious data to improve their business models, whether that’s for retailers trying to decide what strains to carry or for cultivators trying to decide which strains to grow.

For example, HYC has 20 million transactions involving 20,000 products already in our database. Retailers can use this information to figure out which edibles are most popular with customers, or help manufacturers decide if they need to change their marketing or packaging strategy to increase sales.

Why Choose Higher Yields Consulting?

Members of our data collection and analysis team have worked with some of the largest marijuana enterprises in the United States, analyzing over 1,000 different products. Help your businesses understand where money is best spent through utilization of our services.

  • Consumer Research
  • Investment Intelligence
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • Process Efficiency
  • Benchmarking
  • Category, Brand, Product
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