Cannabis Consulting: Why Your Cannabis Business Might Need A Complete Compliance Audit

An Overview of The Best Cannabis Compliance Foundations

In the cannabis industry, cannabis regulations have a way of creeping up on you. Cannabis compliance regulations are in a constant state of change as the industry is just beginning to ripen.

How does a cannabis business hope to stay on top of compliance and regulations?

Higher Yields Consulting helps with cannabis consulting for most cannabis businesses who are in need of fulfilling cannabis compliance requirements – in all 50 States of the U.S.

Our cannabis business compliance consultants specialize in giving a thorough compliance audit to check for any business compliance gaps a cannabis business may have.

We’ll go over the foundations for keeping your cannabis business compliant with the current and ever-changing regulations. With the foundations up to date, you’re ready to maximize your efficiency in business processing and operations.

What is Cannabis Business Compliance?

Cannabis business compliance is the process of business adhering to established laws, standards, regulations, policies, and remaining up to date on emerging trends. When abiding by the regulations the state government sets forth, it’s necessary to have cannabis compliance as one of your primary business goals.

Cannabis compliance can help cannabis businesses achieve other goals for overall growth in the business. Taking the necessary steps to comply with relevant laws that change consistently within the industry will keep your business ahead of competitors.

Below are the following types of cannabis businesses we help through cannabis compliance:

  • Provisioning Center/Dispensary
  • Grower
  • Processor
  • Secure Transporter
  • Safety Compliance Facility or Lab Testing Facility
  • Cannabis Facility
  • Cannabis infused Product or Cannabis Edibles
  • And much more

We help cannabis businesses remain ahead of the curve through a complete cannabis compliance audit.

Initializing a Cannabis Compliance Audit

A cannabis compliance audit is an extensive review of a cannabis organization's adherence to the laws and regulations. A compliance audit for any type of cannabis business will give us an idea of what stage you’re at.

Higher Yields Consulting will walk your business through all the compliant intricacies. Whether you want a cannabis business to show up on the US map (by filling out a cannabis business license application) or you need to identify a missing regulation requirement.

Our cannabis consulting company will quickly and accurately divulge the following business compliance prerequisites any type of marijuana business needs to operate accordingly within the local state.

1) Standards of Getting a Cannabis Business License and Permit

Before opening a marijuana business, you’ll need authorization to operate through a cannabis business license and necessary permits. Our cannabis consulting company will help you through the initial compliance application process.

As you apply for a cannabis business license there are several things the local state licensing board will need.

The basic cannabis business license requirements is ensuring your business has the following:

  • A well-thought-out business plan.
  • A well-written license application.
  • Proper documentation authorization.
  • An efficient & diligent team (contracts with trusting partners).
  • A cannabis business license and permit will allow you to do many things, as a business, depending on your local state’s regulation guidelines.

2) Getting a Standard Operating System (SOPS) in Place

Other than getting cannabis business licenses to permits, it’s important to have SOPS.

Whether you own a dispensary or a grow facility, a standard operating system (SOPS) analyzes and describes every detail in every task performed. SOPS is an education and communication-based tool that helps operational team members learn a functional process for efficient business growth.

3) Marijuana Business in need of Seed to Sale Software (METRC, BioTrack)

Our cannabis consulting includes a functional seed to sale software or METRC analysis for your marijuana business. METRC is an acronym for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance.

This is specifically design for the government to analyze transaction tracking and tracing in dispensaries, grow facilities, extraction lab facilities, or cannabis edibles production facility. METRC is an advanced way to track all necessary business production operations.

BioTrack is a form of METRC tracking system in the cannabis industry that helps several marijuana businesses. It’s essentially a seed to sale software system to analyze cash flow operations.

4) Integrating an Efficient Operational Security Infrastructure in a Marijuana Business

In our cannabis consulting process of conducting a cannabis compliance audit, we ensure your marijuana business is compliant with security measures.

It’s important to build a security infrastructure to safely guard your marijuana business against negative influencers.

Higher Yields Consulting Will Relieve Your Marijuana Business of a Cannabis Compliance Headache

When marijuana businesses utilize a cannabis consulting company like Higher Yields Consulting, your business will operate at top efficiency and stay ahead of changing cannabis industry regulations.

As a business thoroughly abides by strict regulatory compliances (from submitting a well-written cannabis business license), to using safe security measures, the marijuana business will succeed when obstacles appear.

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