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The Clone room is the brain of your business and a good rotation is the heart of any successful Marijuana Garden. Higher Yields can help with all your cloning and propagation needs.

Cloning for propagation is critical in the garden

Most businesses find cloning to be an extremely hard skill to master. At Higher Yields Consulting our garden experts are proficient and extremely successful for all of a business' cloning needs. Whether it be creating a good rotation of plants or capturing genetics you can't afford to let slip away.

A marijuana business' clone room is the heart and soul of the entire operation. If pests, disease or lack of controls on the environment aren't treated as a top priority this can prove to be disastrous to a business. One week of bad clones can relate to having empty lights 4-8 weeks later, empty lights mean gaps in a rotation and gaps in rotation mean gaps in your businesses profit and show a lack of consistency. Allowing self-proclaimed experts to run your cloning business can mean that one small detail being missed costs you thousands of dollars if not more over the course of the year.

The first step to great clones and implementing a rotation is going to be a healthy mother plant. Healthy mother plants were once healthy clones, so the process of cloning actually starts much sooner than most think. Once a healthy mother is selected and babied until prepared for cloning it can make the entire process much easier. Having too many genetics and mother plants begin to become overshadowed by less important genetics and cause issues with the rotation forcing issues throughout the garden and throughout the entire business. Don't allow your cloning to not be the most important element of your business, doing so will cause drastic measures to be taken and buying clone stock from other gardens that the genetics are of unknown quality. This can cause issues with rotation and loss of profits.

Developing solid propagation through known genetics will create strong plants with known harvest dates and very close estimates of their yields to come, consistency is the key. Using weak clones that have taken over three weeks to root can cause weak plants to take up the same amount of space in your garden that a healthy plant can take up, creating lower profits and plants that are more susceptible to pest and disease issues.

Let our Garden Management Team help your cloning succeed.

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