Marijuana Wholesale 3 Common Misconceptions

No Strain Is The Best

Some growers believe they have the best strain and no matter what customers will always want to buy it. It smells great, looks great and everyone who tries it loves it! Unfortunately given the competitive nature of the industry, patients and customers have been spoiled by the idea of variety. This is where the idea of Marijuana Wholesale comes into play. Some need a daytime high, some look for a knockout. With over 500 stores in Colorado and a variety of strains within each, it would be difficult to determine which one is “The Best.” Growers don't need to have 400 strains but cultivators also can't survive on only growing one! Depending on the size of your garden and clientele 6-10 strains, that produce at a profitable level and sell easily, would make for a good 12month mix. Keep it interesting but keep it simple!

Don't Work With Short Money Brokers

When it comes to Marijuana Brokers, the money is in the relationships, not the transactions. Finding a broker who is reliable, trustworthy, and most importantly finds you what you want for the price you are willing to pay. Good MJ Brokers usually have vast networks within the industry and already have plenty of quality clients. They are able to help stores find quality products and growers to find consistent outlets. Currently, in Colorado, there are a lot of “Hot” products on the market. Products that have tested dirty but that get passed along to the next business. Knowing a reputable wholesaler will save you thousands and will also be a great asset to your business!

Contracts, Contracts, Contracts

In an industry with very little structure, it's time to start bringing in some corporate ideology regarding contracts. Instead of paying crazy prices in the summer while supply is low, and insanely low prices in the fall when the market is flooded. Agree to a price with your producers that works for both parties year round. Promise to buy and get their assurance they can supply consistent products at an agreed upon price. Creating a consistent supply will allow for consistency in revenues, something that is not often seen in this industry. Stop shopping around to save a buck and start building relationships with reliable MJ Brokers.

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