Secret Shopper

Let Higher Yields come in for an unexpected visit to your store or garden. Let us show you where the competition ranks compared to your business and show you the insights to improvement.

Secret Shopper

Secret Shopper / Gardener

– Secret shopping of store for compliance issues, sales techniques, and market analysis of area.
– Systematic score released defining the strengths and weaknesses of the store, or garden.
– Evaluation of processes.


Carelessness, poor service and bad aesthetics can cost your business customers and cash. Let Higher Yields Consulting act as your businesses eyes and ears through our secret shopper program. Allowing owners and managers to collect important information regarding processes, products and services that can help enhance your business’ overall appeal to customers. Higher Yields specializes in business profit enhancement through secret shopping for evaluation and analysis of the business’ operations and products. With a thorough analysis of operations, Higher Yields can help businesses reach more customers and create repeat business through quality and consistency.

Worried about the state or local government giving you hard time about possible compliance issues? Higher Yields can also assist stores and gardens with our HYC Compliance Audit, these audits range from inspection preparedness, proper documentation, seed to sale processes and many other options that can save you money and headaches down the road. Higher Yields can help you prepare for all of your compliance concerns and help your business tighten all of the nuts and bolts that can cause fines and/or suspensions of licenses.

Wondering why the business around the corner is busier than your own? Let Higher Yields give you a competitive analysis of your direct competition and other competition in the state. Our retail consultants can help your business obtain detailed information about your competitors, helping your business quickly address its flaws and exploit its strengths.

We can shop their business by

1. Phone
2. Website
3. In Person (mystery shop or video mystery shop)

Launch Higher Yields Consulting’s valuable Secret Shopper Program to analyze your marijuana business or the Competition Today

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We offer more than secret shoppers

1. Voice of the customer program – Get feedback from customers related to their overall experience of your business.

2. Compliance Audits – Get important information related to where your business maybe out of compliance or maybe ease some concerns related to compliance.

3. Competitive Analysis – Find out what the competition is up to, in your area or across the state.

Higher Yields’ Marijuana Consultation Services

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    Garden Management Services

    The garden is where most marijuana businesses are weak, for Higher Yields Consulting this has always been our greatest focus.

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    Business Development and Planning

    Starting your regulated marijuana business is one thing, thriving and developing at crucial times requires some know how and a lot of insight.

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    Marijuana Business Compliance Consulting

    Whether you are trying to enter the industry, or you are already in it. Compliance changes regularly, let our experts come in and help.

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    Pest and Disease Control

    Keeping up with the new regulations is hard, keeping up with the spider mites and PM is harder. Let us show you new ways to combat these issues.

  • Secret Shopper

    The Secret Shopper Program

    Let Marijuana Tutors come for an unexpected visit to your store or garden. We can show you where the competition ranks compared to your business.

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    Security Services

    Protecting your business or garden is very important, Higher Yields and MESH can help.

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