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Every year roughly 9 out of 10 new products fail. The reason is simple and avoidable, most consumers don’t have the time or energy to weigh the advantages or disadvantages of the products in their shopping carts, so they use a shortcut to make their decision. That shortcut is your product’s packaging. A customer faced with two identical products is almost always going to choose the more visually enticing of the competing products.

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No matter how good a product is, poor packaging can keep it from selling

Packaging design has become huge in the past few years as companies are realizing that good packaging equals increased sales. Think about it: when you are picking out a bottle of wine, aren’t you drawn to the bottles with cool labels? Your packaging is often a consumer’s first point of contact with your product, and a spiffy package may make someone try a new product line they’ve never heard of. Your package design is one of the most important elements in a successful product launch (or re-launch). But there are so many things to think about when designing a package – it is design that has to function. It has to protect what’s inside. It has to allow for easy storage and distribution, give information to the customer about what it is and draw attention to itself on a shelf full of competing products. Higher Yields Consulting can help you establish successful product lines.

Some Samples of Our Product Packaging and Design

How Important is Product Packaging and Design?

A retail package is the last and best chance to make a sale. Make sure your business follows up its fantastic brand and website with excellent packaging.

Studies have found that 36% of consumers selected their purchases based on package design. Not surprisingly this accounts for a larger share of the pie than more traditional marketing avenues which include TV advertisements and print marketing.

These same studies have shown that 64% of consumers try a new product due to the package design itself. This makes enticing packaging a secret weapon for startup brands, and a sure-fire approach for established brands looking to safeguard their place in the market.

How important are return customers to your business? Turns out 41% of consumers will purchase a product again because of the packaging. This is evidence that package design isn’t a waste of resources that drives one-time sales, but a powerful resource for creating brand loyalty.

Product packaging is almost as important as the product itself and a good packaging and brand are often times more recognizable than the product itself. This would apply to the marijuana industry where one business’ NYC Diesel is no more recognizable than the competitors. Where one strain is almost impossible to differentiate from another strain by just looking at it.

Here are some important questions that need to be asked when creating a successful package design.
How to Represent Your Brand

How should this package represent your brand?
What is your brand’s personality? This can be conveyed through color, fonts, and textures. Good design uses these elements to convey a brand’s story. Great design goes even further, consider the shape of the package, is it a bottle or a box. Are you considering metallic foil stamps, embossing or varnishes.

Setting a Price Point

What is the desired price point for this product?
We make assumptions on a product’s price point before we see a price tag. Once we’ve made those assumptions, we look at the price and decide either “this is a really good value” or “I can’t believe they are charging that much for this.” Your product’s increase in desirability and perceived value can help you charge more for it.

What Type of Materials

How durable does the packaging have to be? How long does it have to stay intact before consumer use? Plastic, aluminum, glass, and paperboard are traditionally used. Is your target audience environmentally conscious? We offer alternative materials such as bioplastics and recycled materials. Sustainability also means using the least amount of material possible.

Why Choose Higher Yields Consulting?

Members of our design and marketing team have worked with some of the largest marijuana enterprises in the United States, analyzing over 1,000 different products. Help your businesses understand where money is best spent through utilization of our services.

Benefits of Branding and Product Packaging
  • Improves Recognition

    One of major components of your brand is your logo. Think of how we instantly recognize the golden arches of McDonalds or the simple, but powerful eagle of the USPS.

  • Creating Trust

    A professional appearance builds credibility and trust. People are more likely to purchase from a business that appears polished and legitimate. Emotional reactions are hardwired into our brains, and those reactions are very real influencers.

  • Helps Support Advertising

    Advertising is another component of your brand. Both the medium chosen and the demographic targeted for advertisements builds a brand. Too narrow an advertising focus, and a company risks being “pigeon-holed” and losing their ability to expand into new markets.

  • Builds Financial Value

    Companies who publicly trade on a stock exchange are valued at many times the actual hard assets of the company. Much of this value is due to the branding of the company.

  • Improves Employee Focus

    Many employees need more than just work, they need something to work toward. When employees understand your mission, they are more likely to feel that same pride and work in the same direction to achieve the goals you have set.

  • Generates New Customers

    Branding enables your company to get referral business. Would it be possible for you to tell a friend about the new shoes you love if you couldn’t remember the brand? A large reason ‘brand’ is the word used for this concept is that the goal is an indelible impression.

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