Marijuana Garden Management Services

Higher Yields Consulting offers marijuana garden management services that help your marijuana business improve it’s production, quality, and efficiency. Alleviate your learning curve at an affordable rate, cutting your overheard and increasing profits.

Garden Management Information

marijuana garden management services
Prices based on square footage, light set up and development of build out plan.

– 7 day a week full garden management
– Budget labor, materials and trim crew.
– Develop system to allow for perpetual harvest and consistent income that can be properly budgeted.
– Consistency in the garden
– Implementation of proven genetics.
– Genetic capture if needed.
– Business will simply be allowed to pick up finished product weekly.
– Plant tracking.

Higher Yields Can Help With Garden Management Services

Anyone can grow marijuana but producing quality products consistently through proven systems is the only way to grow profitable in this industry. These systems take time and experience to obtain and understand. Higher Yields’ marijuana garden management services teach you how to optimize production in your facility. Let us help you dial in your garden, and increase your profits.

Surprisingly, the garden is where most marijuana businesses are weak. For Higher Yields Consulting this has always been our greatest focus and our strongest attribute in this industry. Our marijuana garden management services are where we shine. We have found that all elements of a marijuana business plan run much more smoothly when the garden is well maintained, and producing properly. The garden truly is the foundation of any great marijuana business.

The lack of knowledge and funding to the garden will result in empty shelves, discount shelves and having to rely on other gardens for their wholesale items. Items others don’t want to put on their own shelves. Our marijuana garden management services can help you alleviate this problem of having to depend on inferior quality products.

If you are looking to better your business and get out of ‘cold calling’ for products let our experts come in and run your facility. We are the greatest investment you will make in this business. Whether you need assistance with indoor gardening, outdoor gardening or help managing your greenhouse, we can even help you implement small things into your revenue streams such as cloning and plant sales for other businesses that struggle getting their plants started.

Most businesses find cloning the hardest part of growing. Cloning is truly the center of any marijuana garden operation. Without good clones, there won’t be good plants and there will not be enough product worth selling. Without a successful garden management team, you will find your business slowly slipping further and further into the red.

Creating consistency throughout your garden will allow for planning and anticipating. Allowing for managers and owners to have a consistent revenue stream helping them better manage the highs and lows and peaks and valleys of the industry throughout the year.

Without consistency businesses find it hard to plan and compete for customer loyalty. Businesses must make adjustments in order to fit the market they are competing within. This also allows for a true system of growth, by knowing what production will be and how much profit can be expected each week, month and year this will allow for solid fanatical planning and budgeting.

Whether you need a full-time grow team, some help with a special project of genetic capture that must be done properly, someone to come in and teach you how to better clone or point out issues and offer solutions to your problems. We are the best solution for all of your marijuana garden management needs.

Our Marijuana Garden Services

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    Marijuana Cloning Services

    The Clone room is the brain, and a good rotation is the heart of any successful Marijuana Garden.

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    Greenhouse Garden Services

    Grow green friendly year round while cutting production costs by 75%.

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    Indoor Garden Services

    There is a steep learning curve for streamlining an indoor facility. Do not trust your biggest investment and the foundation of your business to anyone besides the professionals at Higher Yields Consulting.

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    Outdoor Garden Services

    Growing outdoor can be a great option for Infused product companies or a retail location looking to put some diversification of products on their shelves.

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    Garden Pest & Disease Services

    Pests and disease can ravage a garden very quickly, and be difficult to get rid of. Leaving businesses to try anything to get rid of them. The loss of profit can be devastating, Higher Yields can help.

Business Services

Our Business ServicesNot only do we provide garden services, we also offer a range of business services to help you succeed.

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