Growing Marijuana
in Greenhouses

Grow green friendly year round while cutting production costs by 75%. Let us show you how to build a greenhouse for a fraction of the cost of an indoor facility, with 3-4 times the production. The sun grows beautiful plants, naturally and at a fraction of the indoor cost.

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Begin Growing All Year Round

A lot of people shy away from year-round greenhouse growing but the numbers don’t lie. Growing in a greenhouse saves most businesses between 50-80% of production costs once up and running. Even the build-out of a greenhouse facility saves businesses Thousands of dollars from this versus growing in warehouses.

Though utilizing a greenhouse to its greatest potential can be complicated. Our consultants can show your business how to make the most of the space available while lowering overhead and increasing profits. We will utilize our experiences from indoor gardening with a well-rounded understanding of rotation and perpetual harvest to allow for great yields and great products throughout the entire year. Getting the most harvests in before the big outdoor harvests that drive down prices due to a surplus in supply. Beat the outdoor gardeners and get ahead of the curve.

There isn’t a bulb out there that can out produce natural sunlight.

Consistent production throughout a greenhouse can be difficult even when supplementing light through the winter time, how do we combat this? Over produce your centers in the summer, allowing you to meet yearly production orders as opposed to weekly and monthly orders. Allow time for longer cures and run genetics that fit the consumer’s needs and wants or tendencies throughout the year. Developing strong loyalties to your customers and ensuring consistency on the shelves and through your doors.

Our Marijuana Garden Services

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    Marijuana Cloning Services

    The Clone room is the brain, and a good rotation is the heart of any successful Marijuana Garden.

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    Indoor Garden Services

    There is a steep learning curve for streamlining an indoor facility. Do not trust your biggest investment and the foundation of your business to anyone besides the professionals at Higher Yields Consulting.

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    Outdoor Garden Services

    Growing outdoor can be a great option for Infused product companies or a retail location looking to put some diversification of products on their shelves.

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    Garden Pest & Disease Services

    Pests and disease can ravage a garden very quickly, and be difficult to get rid of. Leaving businesses to try anything to get rid of them. The loss of profit can be devastating, Higher Yields can help.

Business Services

Our Business ServicesNot only do we provide garden services, we also offer a range of business services to help you succeed.

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