About Higher Yields Consulting

We are an experienced team of marijuana consultants and business owners.

Higher Yields Consulting and cannabis industry experts have been successfully serving the commercial marijuana industry since 2008. Higher Yields Consulting has developed exceptional garden management systems, business processes, and technical skills as its cornerstone. The company was developed with these components and has maintained its integrity through providing industry expert consultants who have unique combinations of business and professional expertise in the industry. Higher Yields Consulting has proven over time to be the best option for Marijuana businesses seeking assistance and advice in this highly competitive industry from garden management to business development and most anything in between. The difference between Higher Yields Consulting and other consulting businesses is our extensive experience in a relatively new industry.

Our thorough understanding and hands-on experience in the industry and the business decisions required in order to become successful from the foundations of the industry are bar none, the best around. When other managers or consultants fall short Higher Yields is here as an industry leader with the knowledge and expertise your business requires to get ahead and to continue building as this industry catches fire across the nation.

Our Expert Staff
Cory Waggoner- Founder & CEO

Blending his insightful vision, diverse experiences, and entrepreneurial spirit, Cory founded Higher Yields Consulting in 2014. Cory’s multi-faceted cannabis expertise helps guide start-ups through a comprehensive four-step program. His “HYC Process” quickly became a proven, successful model for industry efficiency and start-up success. Cory consulted on the Copperstate Farms project, the largest sq. ft. cultivation facility in the US, creating strategic reports on cost-effective budgeting and perpetual harvesting in the facility.

Suzanne Harank- Senior Compliance Officer

Ms. Harank is an expert and industry innovator in the field of cannabis regulatory compliance. Ms. Harank owned and operated Alpine Herbal Wellness, one of the first premier Colorado dispensaries. In 2011, she was the first consultant in the world to perform industry regulated, on-site, field compliance audits and training. Ms. Harank’s expertise qualified her to testify at Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division hearings. Ms. Harank is the CEO and Co-Founder of MRM Compliance. She is currently utilizing her rich background in operational business management to create industry-specific, suite organized, professional core operating materials with Pure O&M.

Michael Bernstein- Lead Design & Build Consultant

Michael’s experience with indoor cannabis facility design and construction has created some of the most efficient gardens in the industry. Coupled with his strong ties to large enterprises within the cannabis industry, Michael has proven invaluable to his customers, maximizing their revenue by optimizing their facilities.

Steven Yacht- Senior Analyst

Steven’s marijuana business expertise has a proven track record with industry leaders. Steven was the Director of Finance at Dixie Brands where he completed the financial section of their successful Florida marijuana application. As Controller at Green Solutions, Steven designed and deployed comprehensive management dashboards and analytic reports that fostered better and faster decisions. Steven’s services are trusted to increase revenues and profits.

Michael Sautman- Director of California Operations

Michael is a leading expert in producing standardized cannabis products on an industrial scale in a regulated environment. Michael serves as the CEO at Nutrawerx Inc., providing technical and management expertise in the production of standardized, pharmaceutical-grade cannabis cultivation and supercritical CO2 extraction technology. Between 2009-2011, Michael served as CEO of Bedrocan International, Inc.

Bryson Guyer- Environmental Consultant

Bryson has excelled in creating sustainable and efficient indoor cultivation environments. His systems and designs have proven more productive than traditional grow facilities. Bryson and team have accumulated over 500K sq. ft. of design work within the cannabis industry. He was recognized in the ASHRAE Journal for his industry-leading technologies and performance within the cannabis industry.

Jordan Courtner- Content Director & Compliance

Jordan is the Writer and Editor of Higher Yields’ cannabis content. She is a graduate of the University of Denver, Masters in Conflict Resolution program where she specialized in solving contentious public disputes. Jordan enjoys applying her academic expertise to a new industry; constantly researching and educating herself and readers on the evolving cannabis landscape.

Keith Gigliotti- Design & Marketing

Keith attended Penn State University and Clemson University and is the owner and Lead Designer at Laughing Man Design; he is also Higher Yields’ marketing and design mastermind. With a full spectrum of online marketing expertise – specializing in web design, branding, graphic design and Search Engine Optimization – Keith helps our clients realize their vision and create an identity.

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