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Higher Yields is a team of marijuana business consultants with years of combined experience located in Colorado. Our team has worked with Medical Marijuana businesses and the legal cannabis market on both the garden side and the retail side. If you want to increase your yields and cut your overhead costs Higher Yields is your solution.

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Professional Marijuana Business Consulting Services

Our team of experts have years of experience in the garden and business. Our marijuana business consulting services include garden management, pest control, security, compliance services, marketing and web services, and wholesale, just to name a few. We also offer a Secret Shopper Program, a form of undercover, and unbiased feedback and comparison to your competition.

Whether you are new to the business or not, our industry experts can help your business. HYC provides efficiency and know-how, learned through years of experience.

Why Choose Higher Yields Consulting Services?



Higher Yields marijuana business consultants are not new to the industry, and we are not just looking to cash in on the Green Rush. HYC has been in the industry since 2008, and has consulted on many gardens and Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.


Multi Faceted

Do you want to pay someone to learn on your dime in this new industry? Our team of experts can help your business, saving you time and money. Higher Yields has a team of well-rounded individuals in multiple areas of the marijuana industry.



Our marijuana business consultants will customize solutions tailored around your business. Many companies are rigid in their plans, not us, we understand each business is unique. Our goal is to help give you peace of mind, and achieve business success.

Featured Marijuana Business Consultation Packages

Marijuana Business Consultants
In a confusing new industry Higher Yields Consulting can help guide your business onto the road to success.

Put Higher Yields’ Knowledge and Expertise to Work For You

Our Services

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    Marijuana Business Wholesale Services

    Tired of looking for people to buy or sell your products to? Our wholesale distribution and operations consulting team has over 300 contacts within the industry, who consistently have or need wholesale products.

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    Business Development and Planning

    Starting your regulated marijuana business is one thing, thriving and developing at crucial times requires some know how and a lot of insight. Higher Yields’ marijuana business consultants can help your business thrive.

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    Marijuana Business Compliance Consulting

    Whether you are trying to enter the industry, or you are already in it. Compliance changes regularly, let our experts come in and help.

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    Garden Management Services

    The garden is where most marijuana businesses are weak, for Higher Yields’ marijuana business consultants this has always been our greatest focus.

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    Marketing & Web Design For Marijuana Businesses

    Marketing, both offline and online can be a daunting task. Between the planning and the know how to pull it off, you realize it’s a full time job. You already have your hands full running a business, we can help.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle

HIgher Yields – What Others Are Saying


  • This company is absolutely stellar with its work. The gentleman that I corresponded with was professional, responsive, and highly detailed in his work. I would highly recommend this firm to anybody interested in the marijuana industry.

    Sean Armstrong
  • Higher Yields helped us immensely with our wholesale needs. Whether needed to unload product or locate a specific strain for our retail store they far exceeded our expectations.

    Keith Rush
  • The members with Higher Yields Consulting have a vast understanding of foundational business practices and how they apply to the new and evolving marijuana industry. They are experienced in the industry, very informed and well connected. If you need help in the MJ industry call these guys!

    Bradley Watkins
  • "One of the most enjoyable sativa highs I can ever remember having. Very relaxing but also puts you "in the zone" as far as your mental state. Highly recommended!"

  • “Such a great high. Makes you feel really happy and relaxed. Would definitely recommend”

    Cupcake Girl
  • “I'm not usually a fan of sativas, as I am prone to anxiety, but I got this as a free sample from work and tried it out last night. All I can say is I am giggly and feeling very hazy. It's definitely high energy, but relaxing at the same time. I wish I had more than just a gram! Highly recommended!”

  • “Higher Yields has provided METRC reconciliation and training services to several of our clients. Every client has been very satisfied. As a result of the reconciliation services, owner/operators are confident knowing they are in compliance. The training services provide the foundation for creating a METRC compliance culture throughout the organization. I would highly recommend their METRC services to anyone interested in ensuring METRC is in full compliance as well as creating a METRC compliance culture.”

    Sue Harank MRM Compliance CEO
  • “Thank god for Higher Yields! They took care of my theft report that we needed to hand to the MED. MED was impressed with how well the report was put together and the level of thoroughness that went into it. I would recommend them to anyone."

    Javier Stone Stone Dispensary Owner
  • “Higher Yields is very efficient with preparing paperwork and documents, their timing is impeccable when delivering results on the computer. HYC is a master of entering information on the METRC platform. Their speed and accuracy on the METRC system is unsurpassed and produces impressive results! Their help with the METRC platform has helped our cultivation achieve accuracy and compliance. Without their professional advice we would be paddling upstream on a river without a paddle. I highly recommend them as METRC Professionals.”

    James Browning Fleuraison Manager
  • “Our Consultant, Steve, was the only one who could figure out our product costs. He then showed us how to shrink them”

    Todd Garston Director of Production - Dixie Brands
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